Monday, March 15, 2010


My mother suggested that I start a blog like this one three years ago. I thought she was crazy. She has encouraged me numerous times since, but only recently did I decide that it would be fun (could be?) and I just happened to be looking for a project.

Now I am wondering if she was looking for revenge for some-thing I unknowingly did to her.

This world of blogging seems to have taken over my entire life! Rarely does a minute go by now that I am not thinking: "What have I learned today that I can post on my blog?" And rarely does a night go by that I do not stay up super late writing on my blog, or reading others' blogs - unless I happen to pass out due to PURE exhaustion.

However, two things have happened in our lives since I started this blog (besides my losing a lot of sleep):

1. Because I now feel like (and actually am?) an observer of me living my own life, I am able to stand back and look at things from a different perspective. This has given me a huge advantage to have a better attitude when faced with stressful situations. I am constantly looking for anything good, funny, interesting, and different about my life  being married to a physician. This process has been almost healing in a way, probably because I am focusing on the good.

2. My husband seems to realize (in a small way) that his life is now under a microscope. He only checks my blog to read my posts ONCE in a WHILE. But still, his attitude and actions have changed, just enough for me to notice. He seems to understand me and my needs more (hmmmmm....). This may unfairly bias my blogs about our relationship, etc., because he has been behaving rather well lately (another: hmmmmm... but, a huge plus, nonetheless.)

So, in general, I feel that writing this blog has had a positive influence on me and my family. (I had to delve into this thought process because of the hours that I am spending doing this, rather than something else.)

However, it really has not been long since I began to blog (not even 2 months?), so we'll see if these changes are just temporary...

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Christensen Family said...

It took me awhile too to get into blogging but it is fun and addicting isn't it? I just love to be able to catch up with friends that we don't see that often too. I also use mine as a journal. I see you write on it every day too! :) There are a couple of sites where you can print your blog into a book. That way I get a hard copy of it so it is really like a journal. A much funner and more motivating way too. We are so glad you joined the blogging world so that we can keep up with you guys! We were so sad that we couldn't make it to the Grand Canyon with you guys. I don't know if you will come through Utah or not when you move but we would love to get together then with you. Or if not we will just have to come visit!