Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We are having huge problems with money in our family.

Somehow our oldest son consistently spends the money that he earns on ice cream after school or little treats at the store; yet, somehow, he always has money leftover in his piggy bank. He cannot give clear reasons for why this is, or even where his money is coming from. At one point, he said that he was helping his friends at school and they were paying him for his work. Tonight he said that he just finds the money in his piggy bank.

Meanwhile, our five-year old daughter works hard (harder than her older brother) and saves all of her money carefully; yet she  seems to have less money each time we look in her piggy bank.

So, the immediate solution I can think of is for mommy to be in charge of (and hide) the piggy banks!

But honestly, it just baffles me that already, at age seven and age five, my kids already have a sense of how important money is. But, even at these ages, there are things that I should be teaching my kids about money. I have been focusing more on teaching them to enjoy working and earning money. There is an article in the March issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine (I love, love this magazine) about family money matters that I thought was just great. We have a lot to discuss in our family at our next family gathering.

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