Friday, April 23, 2010

The Most "Popular" National University

I read an explanation for a blog a few days ago that described Brigham Young University (BYU) in a pretty negative way, okay, okay, a super negative way. I graduated from BYU, so, here are my two cents.

At first, I was not too excited about being at BYU. I felt like everyone was so happy. And I mean hap-py. I really enjoyed my classes and felt like the professors were excellent teachers. I wanted to experience a different social atmosphere, however, so I went to UMASS for my sophomore year. I loved my experience in Amherst, MA. Loved it. But, I desperately wanted to return to BYU after a year. Somehow the experience at UMASS gave me an appreciation for BYU. 

BYU had not changed. I had.

Recently, an annual study conducted by U.S. News & World Report revealed that BYU replaced Harvard as the most "popular" national university. The study was based on 2008 admission yields: 78 percent of students accepted to BYU chose to attend the university; and 76 percent accepted to Harvard, chose Harvard.

Interesting, but not surprising. BYU provides an ex-cellent education, totally eliminating all other factors, great opportunities, and inspires faith and a determination to serve and bring about good. My experiences at BYU changed the direction of my life. And, actually, I probably be-came one of those super happy people, but I would not trade my experience at BYU for anything.

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Timani said...

I read an article in a book by a former prophet...don't recall right now. It was about how important education was (our FHE lesson on Monday) and said that BYU's purpose is to educate you for an eternity. I liked that!