Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shampoo for the Doctor's Wife

I discovered this shampoo while out of town a few weeks ago.

And I still love it, and I mean love it.

I use the Color Care shampoo and Sleek conditioner. It makes my hair feel so different, and so much better, than any other shampoo I have ever used. Really.

My husband says it's silly to post on here about shampoo, but I feel like I should share everything about how I survive as a doctor's wife, and hair care is a huge issue, I'm sure, for all doctors' wives. Well, for me it's huge because I spend less time daily on my hair, probably, than any other girl on the planet.

Oh, and this shampoo/conditioner is affordable.


Timani said...

I use Suave Professionals also. Cheap stuff that I like.

Liz said...

Someone told me there is a huge buzz about Suave not being good for hair - have you heard that at all?