Saturday, April 3, 2010


So, now that the traumatic events of this past week are winding down, I can write about them.

We arrived late last Friday night at my parents' home. My two sisters were en route with their children and my dad. We received word that my sister, who is 5 months pregnant, had been vomiting during their drive. I was a little worried,- was it the pregnancy, car sickness, or food poisoning? They arrived an hour later. She continued to be ill with diarrhea and vomiting. My other sister had lost her voice and she and her two children were coughing - deeply, (they had experienced the vomiting two weeks earlier, followed with horrible colds). The next morning, we found out my dad had been up all night vomiting and my pregnant sister's son was ill with horrible diarrhea and pink eye.

(This is a dated picture of all of the cousins, except my 8-month old and my brother's 18-month old - I'm sure my brother was doing backflips when he found out what he was missing at Grandma's house this week,)

I wanted, very much, to disappear. But I knew we had probably been exposed already with the hugs the night before.

I was grumpy.

We practiced EXcellent personal hygiene, washing hands, not sharing cups or toys, etc. But the inevitable truly was inevitable. One by one, my children fell ill. My mom also became quite ill. It really was a nightmare. The two viruses we were exposed to were powerful - and even more so when taken together!

During a call to my husband to notify him of all that was happening, he said two things: "Wash your hands," and "Get all better before you come home."

Hello. I was thinking, "We need a doctor!, not that kind of advice..."

I wonder if doctors get exhausted by the expectations of their loved ones to constantly be available, and to ultimately be able to "make them better."

In general though, this past week has been one that we will never forget - and hopefully one that we will be able to laugh about. eventually.

Hopefully my husband's immune system is prepared for us to return home, but either way, I'm sure he will be doubling the number of times he washes his hands (which is already a LOT) for at least the first month after we return home.

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