Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wrapping Up Mother's Day

This morning, while I still laid in bed, I heard my husband whispering to my three older children. He was asking them to help him make this a wonderful Mother's Day for me. He asked them, specifically, to tell me how much they love me, to give me lots of hugs and kisses, and to promise not to fight, all day long.

I smiled. I was not so sure that he recognized that he was setting them up for imminent failure.

They were initially so sweet to me, and to each other, but their promises lasted for about eight minutes. The day was long, full of "Remember kids, it's Mother's Day!..." The day ended with me breaking up a fight, sending them straight to bed, flopping onto my own bed, crying, wondering why I am not a better mother, and listening from the other room to my husband lecturing them on how they had ruined my Mother's Day.


However, I did not have to change any diapers all day today, A Huge Gift from my husband, which easily  overshadowed any unmet promises. Plus, my husband is currently exhausted, (and can't wait to get back to work tomorrow), but he is now a bit more understanding of my little, daily, mothering concerns, because he took over my job for the day - which, I must admit, I just love.

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