Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Trip to Cannon Beach

My family reunion this year was during our trip to Cannon Beach. We were gone for 10 days, with no Internet, which meant no blogging or googling, so I enjoyed my family, and also relaxed a lot more than I thought possible. The beach was amazing. I wish I had been able to take more pictures. Here are a few.

The views at Cannon Beach are breathtaking, wherever you are. The weather was spectacular so we spent most of our time at the beach.
Digging a really big hole.
And digging the big hole even deeper.
And building sandcastles with Grandpa.
And some pouting, but not much.
And lots of squealing and crawling in circles, as our 11-month old was possibly the happiest baby ever to see the sand again (every. single. time. we. arrived). He didn't eat nearly as much sand this time around, but clearly did have some taste tests.
And some awesome soccer games with uncles - and aunts - in the grass and on the beach.
And a visit to Tillamook to visit the cheese factory, taste The Cheese and more importantly, The Ice Cream.
And multiple visits (more times than I can count) to a super cute little ice cream parlor with Grandpa, who introduced us to licorice ice cream. (I know I put on a few pounds there from ice cream alone.)
And more exciting and relaxing visits to the beach. My kids were so, so happy for hours just running around in the sand and beach grass and playing with cousins and with each other. 

I was also able to sneak away twice to run a few miles along the beach; it was completely rejuvenating and incredible to experience the enormity of the ocean, the sea breeze, listening to the waves and breathing the bounteous O2.

My mom also introduced me to a little furniture shop called Sesame and Lilies. Oh, I loved it. I had to return three more times.

And, lots of time visiting with siblings and their spouses, along with my mom and dad. It was so fun to see how my siblings love their kids and what amazing parents they are. It is still so crazy to think how we are all grown up with our own kids! And the best part ever? Well, that was watching my own parents love and play with my kids, and see how much my kids just love to be with them.

It was a wonderful family reunion.


iamwoman said...

I love Cannon Beach! We try to head down for our Oregon coast trip 1x a year. We lived in Florida for a bit--so the beaches have quite a different feel. BUT, there is just something about rolling your jeans up for the Pacific coast rocky water.

Are you from Oregon? Where are you now?

You sister's comment cracks me up.

You can just tell her, "No--she has kids and a full time job and says she's just psycho."

Katy said...

We love Cannon Beach and are totally jealous you were able to go! We're hoping to take a little getaway up there later this year. Here's hoping! The Tillamook ice cream is calling my name.