Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Super Quiet Anniversary

My husband and my wedding anniversary came and went while we were apart a few weeks ago. I noticed yesterday that we never even talked about doing anything to celebrate once we were together again. Of course we said 'Happy Anniversary' on the day to each other over the phone. But, yesterday, I was a bit surprised and thought, "Are we that comfortable with each other after only nine years?"

Being apart during almost the entire month of June was very difficult. He was busy with a surgery rotation and preparing to move. I was busy with the kids, lots of family, and getting used to a new city. But, once we were together again it was wonderful but also extremely evident that we had become accustomed to being apart and independent.

It climaxed the day after he arrived here. Our family was heading to the airport and I was driving. We were going up and around one of those twisty airport driveways looking for the right level to park on. My husband asked me to slow down so that he could see the signs listing the airlines at each level. I responded with, "But this is so fun to go around and around!" (So fun.) I slowed down but then decided to be extra helpful and try to help him read the signs while I drove. Immediately I drove onto the little curb.

He was so upset.

I couldn't believe he was so upset.

So I got so upset about him being so upset about me doing something so trivial and so non-life-threatening.

And then he got even more upset because I got upset at him for being upset.

We were stuck in the car, TO-gether, and probably both thinking about how nice it was to drive (and breathe) without critical comments from the peanut gallery while we were apart.

However, that same day (but before the airport experience), I was also struck by how right life, and really EVERY-thing, felt now that my husband was here with our family. I honestly cannot believe how much more I love him now than I did nine years ago, at which point I was absolutely head-over-heels for him. And, I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade him in for any-THING or any-ONE, despite his amazing talent to generously dole out "constructive" criticism when I drive. And maybe next year our anniversary will be a little more exciting than this year's was, especially since we took this year off.


Cheryl said...

Love the story! Liz, I TOTALLY feel for you. I just do all I can to let my hubby do the driving when we're together. Things are just happier that way. :)

K. Elliott said...

Ha funny. I am so glad you guys continue to grow closer to each other even though it is ruff sometimes!

Katy said...

Not every anniversary is going to be candlelight and romance. Don't worry about it - you guys have a LOT going on right now. There is a time and a season for everything.