Friday, July 2, 2010

The Best Backyard Ever

So, after living in the desert with no grass, only little tiny rocks and dust, our new backyard is like a dream come true.

My 2-year old is completely in love with the dirt. It is everywhere. He carries his shovel around with him constantly and enthusiastically says, "I can dig!" There is grass (which, it seemed, only the wealthy had in their yards in the desert), and it appears that we may have a marsh or swamp in one area that is always soggy and full of interesting growth. Towards the back of our yard there is a steep hill of dirt (which will be a great mudslide later, I'm sure, since it rains a lot here) that my kids are totally obsessed with. They time each other running up it, and running down it. They have tied rope on multiple roots growing alongside the hill from trees that are also growing on the hill, and are attempting to learn how to mountain climb and repel.
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car
Yesterday, I noticed my 7-year old son and 5-year old daughter pushing our little tikes car up the hill. I thought, "That can't end well." I continued cleaning the kitchen. Then, I heard a huge crashing sound and looked out the window. My 7-year old was inside the car, screaming and hollering, and tumbling down the side of the hill. I ran outside as I busted out laughing and tried to help him climb out of the window of the car. I really, really expected them to know better. My son was loudly whining to my daughter, who was noticeably giggling as she ran down the hill towards him. He said, "Why did you do that?!" This made me laugh even more because I thought she had probably pushed the car down before he was ready. But then my son explained (through his tears and gasps) that she had asked him to drive down to see if it would be safe for her to try it. He really thought she had tricked him, and he was so mad. I looked at him in awe. And really, I still could not stop laughing. I cannot believe that she talked him into it, that she sacrificed him out of curiosity (she loves to do experiments), and that he fell for it! Oh, I can't even type this without laughing out loud.

Often it really is super entertaining to be a mom, even before you think and write about things in retrospect.

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cheri said...

i think it really shows what kind of big brother he is - checking to see if it'll be safe for his younger siblings. it's just too bad that he didnt see what was coming...