Friday, July 2, 2010

I SO Love a Little Motivation

My kids are still working away on their summer school workbooks. They are close to finishing, maybe another two weeks or so.
They just work away on them together, side by side. The motivation becomes their own when they remind each other that: they can go pick out a new toy, or a new pair of running shoes (what my 7-year old wants more than anything) when they finish them, and they race to their chairs and work vigorously.

That was the best idea - and the best $10 I've spent all year long.

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Katy said...

We've found this to be true, too. We are currently filling a jar with gumballs for when children do good deeds, chores, and other positive behaviors that please the parents. When the jar is full, we will take them to Lagoon. I have seen a marked improvement in overall behavior since we implemented this "motivational" system.