Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Muscles & Strawberries

Last Saturday we made homemade freezer strawberry jam. Hello yummo. (Here is a link to a blog with a delicious and sugar free recipe, and some crazy twists and ideas from another blog.) We bought huge flats of strawberries for almost nothing (we are so loving the northwest), sugar, pectin packets (we just followed their recipe), and containers.

For three whole hours my 5-year old daughter worked alongside her grandmother, her aunt, and me in the kitchen. She stood on a little stool and mashed the strawberries for the entire duration (despite the group of cousins running and playing throughout the house). At one point my 7-year old son tried to take over, but she only let him mash for about 2 minutes, (while she offered tips and grumbled about when he would be done), and then insisted that she retain her position and the cool mashing tool, and he retreated without a fight. We couldn't believe how her attention span, her determination to mash every last strawberry, and particularly her little muscles endured . It was incredible.

I think she is the one who enjoys the jam more than anyone else in our family - although we all feel like we've died and gone to heaven. every. time. we. eat. it.

Seriously, what could be more delicious?

Maybe homemade raspberry jam? We shall see - as are planning to go pick raspberries and make more jam this Saturday.

Oh, yumm.


Katy said...

When I lived on Whidby Island as a child, we'd get to go to the strawberry patch to glean "leftover" strawberries once the reapers were done. It was such a fun (and tasty) activity!

iamwoman said...

Raspberries are next on our list...and then pickles...and then peaches. I'm sure I'm going to be tired by the end of it all;) (thanks for the link love!)