Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Healthy Craze

I'm not sure what is up with my 7-year old son lately; he is suddenly and constantly talking about exercising and eating healthy.

He has insisted on working out the past three days for more than an hour each day, either running on our treadmill, or doing P90X workouts, or usually both. (Seriously, after an hour of a very challenging workout the other day, he jumped on the treadmill and ran a mile.)

In the middle of his workout yesterday, he called to me in the kitchen and said, "Mom, don't let me eat any more sugar, only healthy food!"

In the past, he has seldom joined me while doing one of the P90X workouts, but he has never lasted long. Now he puts the DVDs in, changes into "workout clothes," organizes his weights, bands, chair, and water bottle, somehow convinces his 5-year old sister to join him for an entire hour of intense exercise, and then begins. I thought it was cute at first, but, really, now it's been three days!

At the post office today, (after a long wait in line) my kids were given tootsie pops for their good behavior; but as we walked out, he handed his to me, smiled, shrugged, and said, "Sugar."

I smiled too. But as we got into the car, he talked about wanting to be skinny. I assured him that he was the perfect size and to continue working out and eating healthy, and not trying to look like other people (especially on P90X!). Then I tried to teach him about genes, which wasn't really working, so I just said, "Okay, so look at Dad and me, you will most likely look like us since you are our son." I said this cheerfully, since I think we look pretty good. But, there was silence, his eyes were locked on me, as if he was waiting for me to say, "Just kidding," but I didn't. He didn't budge either. The silence became uncomfortable - for me. I then assured him that he could MAYBE look a little better than we do, IF he eats less treats than we do, and exercises more. He looked content once more. I started the car and laughed out loud as I thought about how crestfallen he had been.

I keep thinking he will get past this new craze, but he insisted on a healthy vitamix smoothie for a snack this afternoon, and I just saw his exercise outfit downstairs by the tv., next to his weights and bands.

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