Sunday, August 22, 2010

All the "Badness" that Happens

My husband left church early last week to go home with two sick and grouchy little kids. When I arrived home with our older two children, he handed me the camera and said, "I documented all of the badness."
These were my favorite ones.

I thought about all the pictures I would have if I "documented the badness" that my children get into each day. It would be a lot of work to document all of it, and then to present it to my husband for review.
Maybe I'll try it one day. But then again, my husband might get a little too worried about us if I do.


amanda nay said...

Oh my goodness you have been so busy! And your kids look so big! Where have I been the last few weeks?? I love this blog, it is so awesome.

Jeff and ReAnn said...

So cute. I love that looking at a photograph can change your perspective or mood about the situation. Love it.