Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night my husband handed me a newspaper article out of the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Tail Winds. He said, "Read this carefully, because this is what your future will be." The article is titled: "Take Your Bike Backpacking: Bikepackers Eat Up Miles, Enjoy Backcountry Solitude."

Maybe it was the timing of it, but it did not sound AT ALL appealing at the moment. It could have been the four little kids bouncing off the walls with increasing energy when they should have been in bed, me trying to get out the door to a meeting, the house completely unraveling at the seems... But, this morning when I read it, it actually sounded a little bit fun.

The article defined bikepacking as: "mountain bike touring on singletrack and rough terrain." It recommends to first, "figure out what you're going to carry and how to carry it." Can you imagine? I preferred the idea of setting up "a bikepacking base camp," in a remote campsite, and then to ride unloaded from there.

(A large portion of the article is about bikepacking racing. Um, no, Honey, you'll have to go down that path on your own.)

This picture is from a blog, Chad's Bikepacking Diary, that I found, filled with incredible pictures and detailed personal experiences with bikepacking. Reading through it actually made bikepacking even more appealing.

Hmmm, so if this is what my future holds, I might actually be okay with that - as long as our four kids carry their own gear on their own bikes, or stay home with Grandma and Grandpa, that is.

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