Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Married to a Doctor

Another phrase people google to find my blog: "how is it being married to a doctor"

It's a good question. It's also a difficult one - especially since all doctors have different personalities to begin with. However, there is one thing my husband and I noticed about his medical school class of 100 students: about 96% were neurotic, anal, detail-oriental, passionate, and intense people, or else, to be honest, they were married to someone who was.

We thought this was so interesting. I remember discussing it at length with my husband during his first year of medical school. He loved it - being surrounded by people just like him.

Plus, there are a few other aspects of being married to a doctor that I think are important to note:

First, remember that the medical profession inevitably "rubs off" on physicians. There is no way to escape it. I think this is due to the intensity of the training during residency. It changes them, engraining into them a bit of callousness and solipsism.

(I've been told by somewhat reliable sources that they generally revert back after residency. I'll let you know. One wife said, "Don't worry, he'll be back.")

Second, you have to remember that sleep is really important to them. Really important.

Third, you can't plan around their schedule. It's too difficult and ends up being unnecessarily frustrating.

Fourth, you have to find things that make you happy, other than spending time with your spouse. And I mean, truly happy.

Fifth, you never have to worry about your spouse being unemployed. That is nice.

Sixth, you hear lots of crazy, interesting and heart-wrenching hospital stories, with medical details and explanations. Eventually, you begin to feel quite knowledgeable about medicine, and maybe even the slight ability to diagnose a sick neighbor if necessary.

And, seventh... oh boy, this could go on and on. I need to get my kids off to school.

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