Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Flying Bottle & Mommy

My 1-year old launched a 42-oz. glass bottle of organic strawberry jam over the side of our cart while I was shopping with my four kids at Costco the other day.

My back was turned to the cart. My 8-year old had been running around picking up my 1-year old son's shoes that he was launching over the side over and over again. The second I head the splat with a crack, I knew.

I wished I could disappear.

I used to think (for years) I had a super power, specifically, the ability to cut onions without my eyes reacting and watering like crazy. Then, one day last year, I cut an onion without contacts on. My super power didn't work so well. I realized that I was just a normal person.

But, if I could choose a super power, I would choose to be able to disappear. That, or fly. Then I could have quickly flown up into the rafters and hovered over the situation at Costco the other day. Yes, the ability to fly would probably come in much more handy.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww! I'm sure worse things happen in Costco every day.