Tuesday, December 21, 2010

little Treats for Christmas

Here is what my neighbors and friends are getting a taste of for Christmas: Root Beer Cookies.

I know, even I was hesitant at first. But... they are divine... and addictive... and completely delicious.

Last Christmas, I stayed with my sister while taking my comprehensive exams to finish my master's degree. (We moved for residency before I finished.) She baked these for her neighbors for Christmas.

I had to exercise all of my self-discipline to refrain from eating every. single. cookie. as she came and went while delivering them. I ate so many that at one point I actually began trying to think of good excuses, (unfortunately they don't have a dog, and I only had my 6-month old home with me while she was out with her kids).

Otherwise, my neighbors will get caramel- and chocolate-covered pretzels. I experimented with these today, but my kids went bazurk. Honestly, I think we will all be traumatized if we stay home again tomorrow and bake all day.

(My sister said this is one of her favorite websites because she is "such a good baker": http://cafejohnsonia.blogspot.com/.)


iamwoman said...

They sound great! Thanks for the recipe!

Liz said...

I should mention that my husband didn't think these were sooo yummy. He said they were "ok". I think it's like the blog author said, either people really like these or they don't like them at all.