Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Method of Parenting

This article in the Wall Street Journal, Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, has completely changed me. Or, at least I predict it will immediately revolutionize my current method of parenting. My mom sent it to me. I read it out loud to my husband, laughing quietly - almost to the point of tears, but inside, feeling a secret, insatiable hunger being filled.

Just last night we were visiting with friends over ice cream and one said, "I don't understand how their (Chinese) kids can accomplish so much. I wonder if they sleep less."

I have spent the last six months debating whether or not to engage daily in frightening arguments over homework (oh my goodness), and keep my kids in piano lessons to increase the number of daily, totally exhausting vocal battles. It is so refreshing to discover that... it is okay, and it is actually a vital part of helping children discover the (huge!) benefits of never giving up. It makes sense that the confidence to build this fearlessness and competitiveness has to be built over time, and requires many experiences of attempting to master something.

Wow, it all feels so exciting, when previously, the thought of it all simply exhausted me - completely. Now I can't wait until after my kids come home from school tomorrow afternoon!


Lillian Angelovic said...

Wow! I'm feeling guilty now for being less strict with my kids recently, because it totally coincides with what I see as growing laziness and less drive in them all. This makes sense! I'm dying to read the book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" now.

Jamie Lamb said...

I agree that moms should expect a lot of their kids. Have you ever read anything by Merilee Boyack? She's hilarious, and has completely changed how I parent--I bet you'd like her too. My favorite is called The Parenting Breakthrough (I read it over again every couple years, it's really entertaining!). Thanks to that book, my boys work like little Trojans just like hers did! It gives my boys a lot of self confidence to know they can work hard--and I really, really appreciate the help now that I'm starting my 3rd trimester!