Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mormon Mommy Blogs

Oh, this is such an interesting article: "Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs." My brother just sent the link to me.

I remember in 2006 listening to Elder Ballard speak to our ward about blogging. He said, ", blog, blog." Everyone laughed. I had never read a blog, though I had a general idea of what one was. I had never even considered the thought of spending time reading blogs, or, oh my goodness, and never actually blogging myself. I was surprised that he was encouraging us to be involved with something that I basically thought was a "distraction" from more "meaningful" activities.

My mom somehow convinced me to start a blog. Still, I had no experience with blogs. I had finished my master's degree one month earlier and was subconsciously searching for something to fill my time on nights after my kids were asleep and my husband was working all night in the hospital. I naively set up my blog one day. Almost immediately, I wondered if my mom was seeking some sort of revenge. Every day it was extremely challenging to think of something to write, forget interesting, clever, and funny. Within my first week of blogging, I had a dream.

I was an actress in a play. I had a baby (my fourth, then 6-months old) whom I was caring for and shuffling back and forth to family members in the audience. At one point, I realized that my cue was coming up so I rushed my baby to my sister's arms and then ran full speed onto the stage. I was late. Other actors were already moving around and talking with each other. I started blurting out my lines, but they ignored me and continued with their own dialogues. I paused, waited, and wondered what to do. I took a deep breath and blurted out my lines again, this time much louder. Again, they continued on; no one on the stage even acknowledged that I was there, yelling out my words. I stopped talking. I lined up and continued with the dancing and singing until the play ended. I left the stage, wondering... wondering why the play had continued flawlessly without my lines, wondering how my family would receive me... But, the feeling I remember most was relief. I was so glad that the play was over, and that I was no longer expected to be on stage.

(I am not a performer, by definition.)

After my dream, I wondered if I should stop blogging immediately.  I decided not to.

The article my brother sent to me was somewhat entertaining, but I also felt a little sad as I read it. I often forget how lovely our life really is, how it is full of laughter, exploring, learning, peace, wonder, happiness, love, fun memories, etc. So many people do not have a lot of the things that we often take for granted, things that we can't buy with money, but are able to experience every day. I admit that I get caught up - or rather buried in - my family's laundry, and the 86 dirty Ikea miniature kids' cups surrounding and filling my kitchen sink each night. But, everyone is so different in their dreams and expectations out of life. I am grateful to be where I am. I hope I blog about that, how great life really is, and possibly "uplift" someone - even just a little - as the author in the article mentioned. Because, really, life is wonderful, despite understandable suspicions. The difference is, we try to focus on the good, rather than the bad, right?


Keely said...

Beautiful post! Isn't it just so relieving to accept "Life is wonderful" with all the dirty dishes and stupid stuff we have to do. It all of a sudden seems more bautiful the moment we accept it as such :)

iamwoman said...

I read this a few days ago and I LOVED it. I considered blogging about my thoughts on it too..but now I don't want to be a copycat;)

My favorite part was when she talked about it being uplifting..and I realized she was right and that is why I am attracted to them, too.

Anonymous said...

I just read that article too - very interesting!

I totally get the desire to focus on the positive. Positive begets positive. It inspires others. It lifts the mood.

But I also think there's a place for acknowledging how hard life is... for letting other people know they aren't going through something alone.

Not trying to take away anything from people who are happy 100% of the time, or who strive to put forth only the positive... I just think there's a place for the hard stuff, too.