Saturday, January 15, 2011

"One Smart Goose"

One Smart GooseMy 3-year old recently fell in love with this book. We have had it for years, but it has become one of, what I call, His Stack. He is still in the stage where he requests the same book over and over again, within the same sitting. And then he carries the book around with him along with one or two others, and requests that we read them later the same day, as many times as I'll agree to. His Stack stays with him at the counter, at the breakfast table, on the floor surrounded by trucks and balls. As soon as he notices that I am in a sitting position, he grabs the stack and runs toward me with it, saying with a hint of desperation and urgency (as if it's the first time we've done it), "Will you read these to me, Mom?"

Some stacks are better than others. But, this book is such a good one - I don't mind that it is in the current stack at all. She has other books too that are super fun. I love the "lessons" she includes, and the colorful art also.

It's so easy to go along with the crowd. I think I'll save this book and pull it out often to re-read it to my kids when they are teenagers.


Britt-Marie said...

i'm curious now. i'm going to put it on hold at the library so i can be sure to get it next time i go. thanks. we've loved reading your suggestions. my husband liked reading nate the great. if only i could be on top of remembering when my books are due so i didn't end up with library fees.

Britt-Marie said...

ha! I got the book and as soon as I opened it up I remembered I've already checked this one out before! yup It's a good one. Too bad I don't remember the books we read. I should probably keep a list or something.