Saturday, February 12, 2011

a random new appreciation for Magazines

I found a new blog that I am in love with:  It is what I want to do!  It is written by a couple who travel together, take pictures, and try to find stories about people living in places where no one else has written about before.  I found the blog reference in an article in AFAR; their most recent experience involved traveling throughout South America.  The pictures were incredible.

In AFAR, one of the ads stated: Travel is the best form of education.  Is that really true?  People that I know have definitely benefited and grown from traveling to places that are very different from their personal habitats; but, it is the best?

I hope someday we'll be able to take our kids to far away places - like South America!  Yesterday, my 8-year old son was complaining about his life, (as he sat down to practice his piano - as is now the daily customary time to do this, apparently), and I reminded him of all of the kids in the world that do not have shoes or go to school or have food to eat when they are hungry.  I assured him that someday we would visit one of those places, "like a small village in South America," I said.  He quickly responded by suggesting that I move to a small village in South America - and stay there.

Oh, if he only knew how tempting that would be for me.  (... that is, if he were with me.)

I spent a wonderful hour today at the gym on an elliptical, reading AD (Architectural Digest) and AFAR (a travel magazine).  It was relaxing and the articles I found in both magazines were quite entertaining.

In AD, I found the remodels quite overly done, messy, unattractive.  There was almost nothing even remotely interesting, including the excessive number of ads.  Well... except for an article about a house in LA somewhere.  It was tucked away, surrounded by trees.  It had a cool flat roof - 1960's style - with window walls and was built around a simple, square swimming pool.  There was nothing extravagant about it.  It was relaxed and cool.  Supposedly it was to be a "bachelor's lair" so the decorating wasn't so great, (actually it was horrible, lots of animal skins - ugh), but the house was beyond retro.  Also, there was one picture of a kitchen in a different article that caught my eye, which - upon more careful study - ended up being almost exactly like my mom's kitchen (which I completely love).

Wow, I had never really given time to magazines before, except for a select few on rare occasions.  But reading these while working out - because I forgot to bring my own reading materials - turned out to be quite an enlightening and enriching experience.  I think I might just do it again.

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