Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why I sometimes wish I lived Closer to Wal-Mart

I found this article, "Droughts, Floods and Food," very interesting. The author explains that we are currently "in the midst of a global food crisis - the second in three years."  The price of "what, corn, sugar and oils" have increased greatly. The author admits that the combination of "several factors have contributed to soaring food prices" but states that the greatest factor seems to be the "[disruption of] agricultural production" caused by "severe weather events."

The author explains that this "may be just the beginning" since "a warming world," caused by the "greenhouse gases [changing] the climate" are likely responsible for the "droughts and floods" or the "extreme highs and extreme weather in general [is] becoming much more common."

Having an ample supply of food storage has always been a sore point for me. Mostly because I like fresh food. And I hate to waste food. So, those two things don't really work together. Regardless, my husband and I have always tried hard to follow the counsel to have food storage. Since we just moved, and food is sooooo expensive here, we haven't been so good at it.

But, this article certainly gave me some things to think about, like, why I sometimes like Wal-Mart - a lot, as well as a swift little kick to get food-storaging.


iamwoman said...

Maybe you haven't been to Wal-Mart's here? They are dreadful. There are a select few that don't make you feel icky;)

Jen said...

Liz- I'm so with you on the food storage. I rarely use food items that don't come from my fridge or freezer. Most people I know who have ample food storage also throw away TONS of expired food (or just eat expired food, so gross).
I'm constantly trying to find ways to motivate change in this area because I do believe it's important.