Tuesday, March 8, 2011

blah blah blah money

This is my new favorite website that I will be visiting oftenhttp://www.moneysavingmom.com/

I am currently making huge changes in my money-spending behaviors, largely because I had an attitude change and decided that we can survive financially in this overly-priced city, and that we will survive.

Here's another good one that I found: http://www.frugallivingnw.com/

I started explaining to my husband one day after he woke up after working all night and sleeping all morning.  He wriggled and mumbled something about "not stifling him too much, and making his life miserable," disappeared, and three minutes later suddenly reappeared in his biking clothes and announced that he would be back in two hours.

My husband has great (unexplained) fears of credit card debt (thank goodness), so I told him if he really, really wants something, he will now need to use his credit card and... go into debt.  This way, he will not feel "afflicted" with my new budget a.k.a. my new attitude, and we will still be sticking to my budget, (assuming he never actually uses his credit card, which I don't think I'll have to worry about, but I do want him to know and feel that he has options.)

We'll see if it sticks - it's only been one week since my transformation.  But I think it's a pretty serious transformation since I suggested to my husband that we sell our gorgeous king Pottery Barn Sumatra bed (we bought it right before moving when we actually had quite a bit of savings) and matching bedside tables.
Yes, it was my dream bed, and it was our first (only mattresses before now).  We bought it super cheap off of craigslist.  But, the thought of selling it had never even occurred to me before my "transformation," so maybe it is real.


Katy said...

Liz, if you do sell your bed I want to be first in line to buy it! We have a queen set but are planning to move up to either a king or CA king next time. And that bed is VERY similar to the one(s) I've had my eye on. Beautiful! I hope you decide to keep it, but if not... :-)

sabrina said...

i'll believe your transformation once the bed is sold! ;) good luck with jared using a credit card. :)

iamwoman said...

These sites are awesome and I just spent way too much time at work checking them out;) Thanks for the links!

Liz said...

Katy, I'll let you know - I would love to send it to a home of someone I know and love!!

Sabe, you know me well - AND you know how much I wanted a bed... this bed...

Erin said...

I say keep the bed. :) You need to have a luxury item. Dave and I have been following Dave Ramsey's plan for years now. It's REALLY, REALLY worked for us. It's a little inconvenient at first but I promise you'll end up spending a lot less.