Monday, March 7, 2011

the happy doctor

A friend last year asked me if my husband "liked being a doctor."  My husband had just started his intern year of residency, his official beginnings of "healing people" rather than studying thick textbooks 14-hours a day and/or observing various medical specialties while practicing taking histories and performing physicals.

I answered immediately, "Well, yes!  He is a doctor."  My friend looked surprised by my answer, and to tell you the truth, I was also quite surprised by my rushed response.  Well, more particularly I was caught by the accompanying intonation that alluded to her ignorance of an obvious truth.

I still don't know why it came out like that. But, I think deep inside, I truly believed at the time that all possible downfalls were completely overshadowed by the huge, glorious, and obvious advantages of being a doctor.  To me, it really did seem like it would be all peaches and roses to actually be a doctor.

I mean, giving orders all day, and actually having someone follow them?  Oh, how so so nice that would be.

Even now I think I would probably respond to that question in the exact same way.  I think my husband is rather lucky to be a doctor.  I know that he absolutely loves what he is doing.  And, honestly, I do think it would be a rather rewarding career, despite the price to get there.

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iamwoman said...

I think to undergo something so grueling you would HAVE to love it..or at least know it was what you are meant to do and that itself brings some happiness;)