Tuesday, April 5, 2011

rock, paper or scissors

Tonight I spent a few too many minutes playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, with the computer on NYTimes' interactive science site.  I was hooked immediately, trying hopelessly to be completely random in my decisions, mesmerized by the computer's ability to predict my choice of rock, paper or scissors based upon my previous choices.  It explains: "... people are not truly random and thus can be studied and analyzed... over time [the computer] can exploit a person's tendencies and patterns to gain an advantage over its opponent."  I was determined to beat the computer, but in the end I gave up with 12 wins, giving the computer 14 wins, and tying during 18 rounds.  (Yes, I played 44 rounds!)

It was kind of creepy to think of the computer studying my movements, my thought processes, my intentions.  It is disturbing but also interesting how technology is now so easily able to track our thoughts (by what we "google"), interests, worries, fears, problems, etc.  I love google.  Really.  But, sometimes I wonder if it would be better to just live on a farm, unplugged, you know?

No, I would go nuts.  I google everything.

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Britt-Marie said...

That is interesting. I'm tempted to go check out the link, but I'm sure I would end up playing twice as many rounds. ;)
Yes, I am totally attached to my computer/internet.