Friday, May 20, 2011

Is Residency Really That Bad?

My husband is in the middle of an incredibly stressful rotation right now, at a major trauma center.  He works 30-hour shifts every few days.  He is exhausted all of the time.  Because of this, I have been thinking often about the price physicians pay during their training.  I have been deeply grateful for his endurance, his dedication, and his sacrifices for our family.

I have been concerned about his physical, emotional and mental health.  I am sure I have worried others as I have shared with close family and friends how difficult this experience has been for my husband.

Then, today, he came home about two hours earlier than normal - after a 30-hour shift.  He seemed unusually cheerful and energetic.  I asked him if he had been able to sleep during his shift.  He said that he slept for almost two hours - amazingly, because he only had four admits during the night.  Confused by his cheerfulness, I asked if he was tired.  "Exhausted," he said, "but, some guys are going mountain biking in about 45 minutes - is it all right if I go?"

Apparently the guys invited him last night, so my husband sacrificed an additional two hours of sleep so that he could get all of his work done and get off early - so that he could go mountain biking.

I cannot comment further on this.  Except that my husband is just fine.


Jeff and ReAnn said...

LOL! Great post Liz. I don't feel bad for Jeff either. I am up probably as much as he is during the night. :)

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

Ha! This makes me feel better about residency already :) Thanks for the insight!