Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunglasses without the Sun

Have I ever mentioned that I have an obsession with sunglasses?

Yes, I do.

They don't serve me well - very often - here in the Northwest, but I wear them all the time regardless.

After my 8-year old son's baseball game the other night I was chatting with a friend as she drove by in her car - just a small distance away.  I commented on how tan she looked.  She said she was feeling rather pale.  I assured her that she looked like she had been in Hawaii recently.

Then it hit me, it was 7:45 p.m. - twilight - and I was wearing my sunglasses.  We both said at the same time:  "Maybe it's the sunglasses!"

So humiliating.

I do wear them often while driving - even if it is overcast and rainy.  It always lifts my mood - even to just pretend I'm in the sun.

I somehow scratched my husband's sunglasses yesterday - (okay, so I thought they were mine) - the ones he has owned for over six years now, (he is beyond meticulously careful with his things and they last much longer then my things do).  So, I was forced to peruse the world of sunglasses.

These are from REI.

Yes, I was salivating.

The last time we bought sunglasses from Steep & Cheap because they cost like $15 - rather than $100.  It just requires patience for the right deal to come up.

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