Tuesday, June 21, 2011

away for a bit

My husband and I will be leaving soon to vacation on the beach together.  It is our 10-year anniversary.  We haven't ever done anything like this.  The initial planning was very enjoyable.  We have been talking about it for months.  As it is getting closer though, my perspective has changed.  I have been a nervous wreck for days.  According to my husband, I have already written a novel for our sitters.

Hopefully I will relax once I am on the plane.

I just wanted to let everyone know why I am hardly writing at all lately, and why I won't be writing for a bit longer.

I just don't handle being without my kids very well.  The anticipation and worry has been overwhelming.

I am also excited though.  My husband and I are packing books and big beach towels.  We have no plans.  Just the beach.  I think it is a much needed vacation - for us both.  And, I would venture to add that our kids probably need a vacation away from us also.


Liz B.B. said...

i'm so glad, liz!! i want details! you need this. we all do.
i'm the same way where i HATE leaving my kids. i guess i like the control. whatever.
enjoy and let loose! get to know that stranger again!!

Wife of a Resident said...

Congratulations on a much needed trip! I do the same "novel" thing when we have to leave the kids for any length of time, but especially the event we are planning right now (baby #4). My husband thinks I'm a little nutty, but it makes me feel better knowing the owners manual is ready for the grandparents complete with schedules, maps and take-out menus.
We have 3 years left until we celebrate 10 years, but I am already planning for a great vacation. Have a good time!

lifeofadoctorswife said...

You are probably long gone, but I hope you are having a FABULOUS time!