Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the BLU light

I purchased the light.  Yes, The Light.  At Costco, last Thursday.  It was first thing on the conveyer belt - in a smaller box than I had pictured in would be in.  I had all four of my kids with me and was nervous because they wanted to "help" with "Daddy's light" so I placed it on there first.  The checker took my Costco card, scanned the little box, and then paused to look up at me and smile.  Then he looked over at my cart; it was literally draped with children.  Two children had their legs up in the air as they attempted to unload things heavier than themselves, one kid was standing next to the cart hugging the bag of dried mangoes, and another kid was methodically unloading items from the cart onto the conveyer belt.  The checker looked back at me and said, "Now I know why you need the blue light!"  It was the wrong day, or maybe just the wrong moment, for a comment like that.  Normally, I would have chuckled and nodded at such a comment (they come often enough).  But, really.  He was so young and naive, I thought I should be honest with him and with myself.  "No," I said, staring him down with all the thoughtful energy I could while smiling nicely, "it's the rain."  We chatted about the rain, the joy of having a big family, and New England, where he grew up.  I left, still baffled by what he had said - had insinuated - but I was impressed by his kindness and felt hopeful that his view of the world had been changed - even if just a little.


Barb's blessings said...

Welcome back. Missed you!

Jamie Lamb said...

One time I bought like 10 lbs of salt, just because I wanted it for food storage. The checker thought I was so nuts...like I go home and pour salt into my children's mouths or something. "time for your salt, darlings!"

Way to go--I'm glad you stood up for big families! (I find myself doing that a lot, too!)