Thursday, October 20, 2011

painting just to "taste" the paint

I absolutely loved clicking through this slide show of an architectural color consultant, Eve Ashcraft.  (Doesn't that title sound great?)  I actually clicked through it multiple times.  I even made plans in my head to visit the paint store at some point during my hectic day.  I wonder what she would recommend for our home.  There is brown trim everywhere, on off-white walls.  I have gathered energy and courage to think about painting before, but never enough to actually plan to go look at paint colors.  Our house is just too needy; it would require more energy than I have been able to muster.  But while looking at the colors Eve used in her home, I was moved.  However, I recognize that the artwork on her walls and her eccentric furniture accentuate the paint colors on the walls.  (I even love how her books are arranged.)  Hmmm, maybe I won't actually get to the paint store today... but this was a huge step for me to even just think about it.

Maybe I'll get there someday... with someone's help.

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