Tuesday, November 8, 2011

laughing instead of crying

One of my sisters sent me this video link today: Moments that Matter Most.  It is inspiring and heart warming, but because of my evening's activities, it just made me laugh - a lot. 

I had just finished scrubbing the back seat and floor of the inside of my minivan, two car seats, the carpet in my house in two different places, my entire entryway hardwood floor, and every inch of one entire bathroom.  During all of this I had started three loads of laundry - all of which were partially or completely covered in throw-up.  My 4-year old son apparently ate too many blueberries right before we left for my 7-year old daughter's last soccer game of the season.  I didn't get to watch any of it.

While I was busy cleaning, my 2-year old son was busy too.  He opened multiple capri sun pouches, sprayed them across the carpet in two separate rooms, attempted to flush a few pouches down the toilet along with random papers he retrieved from my 9-year old son's backpack and almost an entire roll of toilet paper, and he squirted out almost an entire tube of toothpaste that I bought two days ago.  Needless to say, he tripled the time I had to spend cleaning - even after everyone went to bed.

I'm sure you are all wondering where my resident husband was during all of this excitement, (the story actually is a lot better (worse) but I'll spare you the details).  Yes, he was working late.

(I've never had a child throw up all over my car... my cloth seats and floor.  Has anyone been successful in completely eliminating the smell after such an ordeal?) 

The video link that my sister sent to me did affect me in a positive way.  I was reminded that along with the "bad" moments, there are so many good ones, and essentially that all of it, and I mean everything, is totally and absolutely worth it.

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Amanda said...

Watch it again!! After you get rid of the smells... :)