Sunday, November 6, 2011

when the residency schedule is actually helpful

I think my body is beginning to show the gradual effects of aging.  Strange things are happening to my body - my body that I have always taken for granted, my body that I have always felt was very healthy, the one that my mom once referred to as "sturdy," and my body that I really don't take the time for... because most of the time my needs come last, (is that true for most moms, especially those with husbands that work a lot?).  When does anyone have time to make a doctor or dentist appointment and actually follow through with everything that it entails (i.e. arrange a sitter) and then actually go to the appointment and follow through with any referrals, prescriptions, or recommendations...?

I know.  I have been really, really lucky up until now.

Well, except where my teeth are concerned.  I have decided that I have the softest teeth on earth.  I think I develop cavities at the very thought of bubble gum, (which I would never actually chew!) or with any stressful thought that possibly enters my mind.  I have had a horrible toothache all weekend, so I know I'll be sitting in a dentist's exam room for multiple hours this week.

So I was quizzing my husband today on which days he will be post call this week, if at all, and when he will be able to watch the kids for me.  He seemed a little nervous, realizing, of course, that I was silently planning to leave the children with him immediately upon his return after working all night.  Does that seem safe?  He didn't think so.  But, during moments like this it seems like a perfect solution to me.

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