Tuesday, December 20, 2011

winter break

The first day of winter break with my children was eye-opening for me.  We had Saturday and Sunday together, and then Monday came... and school didn't.  I woke up to prepare my husband's breakfast and lunch (his hospital food bill adds up exponentially if I don't, plus, he loves it when I do) and asked if I could go with him to work.  Clearly I had surrendered to my children before they even woke up.  Later on, after cleaning and organizing their bedrooms (we just switched them up - again), swimming with them, watching Kung Fu Panda 2, and managing them as they did all sorts of chores - everything I could think of, including vacuuming the stairs - I suddenly panicked.  I needed more chores, more jobs for them to do.  I needed a cow, or another dirty house, or something to keep them busy.  After watching the cartoon version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, we read books and they fell asleep.

I couldn't fall asleep.

All I could do was think about how to prevent another day like yesterday.  I knew that I could not go shopping with them.  I've already bought most of everything we need for Christmas.  I can't spend more money.  And they are very good at asking for things they "need" when we are out shopping.  I can't leave the house or else I will spend money.  It's too cold to go hiking.  We did that for the last time a little over a week ago.  The kids complained and later two developed bad coughs.  I can't go crash friends' houses because most have left to visit family for Christmas.  And, did I mention, it's cold outside.

I cannot figure out why I was so excited last week for winter break to begin.  Now I am living in a panic, trying to figure out how to keep my kids from fighting - interacting - with each other.  at all.  And how to avoid any whining when I ask them to do anything, like get dressed or get in the car.  Why don't I at least have a neighbor with a farm that I can send my kids over to do some actual work?  That would be so ideal.


Jamie Lamb said...

hmmm..can they clean my house, too? :)

Wife of a Resident said...

Merry Christmas! Today is our first day of winter break and I feel the same way, except I wasn't excited for the school break, I could still remember the 5 days from Thanksgiving:-)