Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Greetings

Hello Everyone!

Here is a glimpse of our family update for 2011 that we will send out to family and friends.  I feel it is appropriate to post here also, as I appreciate and treasure so many of you loyal readers.

J spent another year continuously exhausted and exhilarated with new challenges, knowledge and skills; he also enjoyed mountain biking, trail running, and dabbling a bit in fishing (salmon), research in pediatric anesthesia, and flag football.  Liz spent the year experimenting with various parenting styles to avoid permanently damaging the children; she ran - a lot - and read a lot of books.  She learned to explore the Northwest with the kids - with a little help from her GPS.  E spent the year excelling in math, lego-building, and his mad soccer skills; he is still "anti-girl" but is happiest when teasing and getting chased by them.  B spent the year developing her reading skills and is now an avid reader; she experimented with various sports and one day said, "Mom, I think I was born to swim," (though gymnastics, horseback riding, soccer, and basketball aren't too far behind).  Z spent the year developing into the sweetest and most mischievous individual on the planet; we are mesmerized by his sensitive, gentle, and loving nature, but also maddened by his messes and curiosity.  C spent the year torturing his siblings - literally - and appears to be continuously playing a part in a G.I. Joe / Kung Fu Panda movie, complete with his own special sound effects and threatening facial expressions: if he can't find someone to punch, he punches the wall.  He is developing the perfect 4th child personality, one full of stubbornness, assertiveness, strength, and a sense of humor that everyone enjoys.  

We are overwhelmed by our blessings, by the love we have for each other, and the lessons we are learning together.  We are grateful for our Savior; we love celebrating His birth and life, and we know someday He will return to earth again.  We are grateful for each one of you and for the ways you have touched our lives.  We love you all!  

Merry Christmas!
Not ideal... but the only family picture we have taken during the last 9 months...


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