Thursday, January 19, 2012

dreaming of paint... again

My mom is delving into a DIY project for a friend right now.  Just listening to her talk about her ideas and plans has somehow given me a boost of energy to "fix up" our rental home.  (This is huge, since I am not naturally inclined to decorate, and, clearly, because we are currently renting.)  As we talked about colors, she mentioned a popular color known as Sierra Sand I googled it.  It is pretty.  I don't know how it would go with our dark brown trim, but I thought, 'Oh well! I should just try it!'

I was so excited.  (I should mention that our landlord said she would pay for all of the materials if we do decide to paint... which makes it a constant looming possibility, of course.)

So, after cleaning up dinner while my husband was playing with the kids, I started researching the best painting tools, tips, etc., and then, little by little, my energy began to wane, my excitement deflated, and then I found this: Paint Job Tips: Neater Painting.  I never read the article.  I stopped at the picture.  Yes, that little picture is all it took for me to decide that I will not paint - even one room in - our home.  AND, I decided further that I should not and will not officially paint during the remainder of my lifetime.

While I sat researching all of this and experiencing this extreme range of emotions, my 2-year old was finger painting with bright orange Catalina salad dressing across the kitchen floor, with the help of his older brother's skateboard.

So, after finding him and his mess, I decided that maybe I should not make any drastic decisions during these years.  Maybe right now I just don't have enough energy to spare... because my energy is in constant high demand elsewhere.

(By the way, my husband will be so tickled to know that I will not be pursuing this painting idea, but I think I'll wait to tell him until I can use it somehow for the benefit of our relationship... you know what I mean?)


From A Doctors Wife said...

The color is beautiful, very nice and I can see how looking at that super prepared/neat painter could scare you away. I don't dream of painting, I have nightmares about painting. We need fresh paint in 3 more rooms before we can sell our house. Painting isn't all its cracked up to be. And if I didn't have to paint, I certainly wouldn't. It is a job that takes forever when you have kids around! I admire your decision to not paint. If you want to, you are welcome to come to my house... I'll pay for the supplies:-)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I had never painted a single stroke until we moved into our house. I have since helped my husband paint 5 rooms and it is SO TIME CONSUMING. I find the actual painting part to be kind of wonderful. It's one of those tasks that doesn't require a lot of concentration, but it has a definite result when you're done. But the PREP before you paint is AWFUL. I haaaaaaate taping off the room and putting down a drop cloth and everything. And I hate cleaning up the brushes and dishes and stuff after we're done.

Jamie Lamb said...

I will paint no more, forever, amen.

and amen.

I've mentioned before how I go a little nutty with painting when I'm pregnant...well, I'm certainly not pregnant right now, and thinking of painting makes me go into fetal position and suck my thumb. (just a little)

We just hired a painter (finally!) to help us get our house ready to sell. He was not full of tact...he laughed at all my mistakes, and all my color choices. I told him about my crazies, but he still laughed. I did not. /:

I support your decision to NOT PAINT EVER. And I totally understand the "benefit of our relationship" idea--good idea!

Carrie said...

I LOVE to paint--makes me so happy to experiment with color in my own place, but I do see paint every single day in my job since re repaint almost every apartment, so yes, the prep-work involved is the most time consuming thing.