Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is a must-read article: The Value of Teachers.  I sat with a friend the other day and listened to her describe her son's current 4th grade teacher.  The teacher seems to have been designed specifically to teach only about 0.002% of the U.S. student population - children that learn effectively and are able to thrive in a cruel dictatorship.  As we talked, I found myself literally shaking because I was so upset by her stories.  The teacher said to one girl in her classroom, (a girl that I know well and actually do expect will be able to escape this year's experiences with few battle wounds), 'Don't even bother to raise your hand any more because I am not going to call on you.'

Anyways, I could go on and on.  I truly hope that our society will be able to find a consensus: an effective way to reward good teachers, and a way to let bad teachers go.  Why would this profession be any different than any other? 


From A Doctors Wife said...

My son is only in 1st grade and, while we haven't had an incidents with him and a teacher, when I go to school to have lunch with him or to to visit the classroom I wish the school had a better "feeling". I want my son surrounded by people who exude love and encouragement. I know it's difficult with the number of students they have and some require more attention than others, but some days it breaks my heart sending him to school, and there are some days when I think maybe I could home school.

Liz said...

I totally know what you mean! I was tempted again and again last year to home school my 9-year old because he was not being challenged and was actually regressing scholastically. It seemed like such a big decision!! This year he has a fabulous teacher that makes learning exciting, fun, and cool. Such a contrast to last year's teacher... He has improved significantly.

After being snowed-in with school cancellations this week, I'm not sure, honestly, how I would do homeschooling... I know there is a lot offered to children in the community, and a lot of resources for parents... I just never dove in to try it all out.

Good luck with your son. I think as long as the classroom teacher has an encouraging and loving tone, kids can do very well. Teachers really are valuable.