Saturday, March 31, 2012

spontaneous soup

There are some advantages to being married to someone to often spends random nights sleeping at work.  But sometimes those advantages are difficult to identify.  The other night, my husband was on call.  I was exhausted.  And I missed him.  The kids missed him.  As human beings, we crave regularity, predictability.  There is none of that in this life.  Even having my husband on call a few times a week and working long hours every single week for years now doesn't provide either of those.

Yesterday was not my birthday, nor was it mother's day, and I did not just have a baby.  But, my husband was post-call and he surprised me, after sleeping all day, and announced that he would be preparing dinner.  He found a recipe, went to the grocery store (and even took two of the kids with him), and made absolutely amazing soup.  Here is the recipe: Baked Potato Soup V.  He said he doubled the bacon and added extra cheese.  His brother is well-known for this recipe.  Mmmmm.  I need to work out twice as long tomorrow, but it was well worth it!

Every day is different.  But maybe we are getting used to "different" - a little more, every single day - but we just don't realize it.


Jamie Lamb said...

AAAaaah! He gets the nice husband award!

Katie Tyler said...
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