Friday, March 30, 2012


We made new friends.  We went to their house the other day.  They didn't have any furniture in their large front room - or anything at all, not even a chair or random toy lying on the floor.  I was completely shocked.  They moved here about six months ago.  Immediately I began brainstorming ways to find her a couch set, a chair, a coffee table, bookcase - something with which to fill their front room.  I wished we were moving sooner so that I could give her our set of couches.  The wife explained happily how much her kids love the empty living room.  She honestly didn't seem to mind at all.  (Then I thought about how much my kids would absolutely love to have their own empty room to play in.)  The rest of the house was similar: a single, small table in the center of a huge area, nothing else in the room.

When she visited our home later she said we have the exact couches that she has been wanting for years.  I told her that my cousin gave me the couches after her children spilled food and drew colorful and expansive pictures with markers all over them, (they cleaned up perfectly with warm water and dish soap).  At the time, I felt so lucky to have them.  But the other day, I started thinking about how soon I would be able to give her our couch set, (and how I would explain it to my husband...).

Sometimes, perspective is everything.

It would be so easy to be miserable during these years of residency.  As I drove home I was overcome with gratitude for all that we have; we have so, so much.

(So, never let me complain about finances again... okay?)

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