Monday, March 19, 2012

a temporary best friend

We volunteered to watch a Vizsla while some friends are out of town.  My husband and daughter have been studying this breed of dog for months now.  We (I mean, they) thought it would be a nice opportunity for us to see what having this type of dog would be like.

It has been four days, but it feels like much, much longer.  The craziness of our household has increased exponentially.  The vizsla is a 6-month old puppy - and, yes, he eats everything and wants attention constantly!!

My kids are enthralled with being in his cage.  The dog is very well trained.  I am wondering if I should have practiced on a dog - before I had children, or if I should have purchased a cage when I starting having children.  They will just sit in there, doing nothing and being very quiet, all of my kids.  It seems to calm them - and delight them.

Life has never been this exciting - every single minute of every single day.  I'm sure the puppy can't wait to return to the quiet, predictable, and relaxed atmosphere of his owners' home.  At least I know that I am excited for Wednesday night to come (and indeed grateful that it will come).


Anonymous said...

I'll never let him go!!!!

From A Doctors Wife said...

That is my kind of pet, a temporary one. I love them, but they are too much work and I pick up and feed enough people around here at the moment. Beautiful dog!

Jennifer said...

Classic photo! I have one of M. & E. in Trixie's crate too.