Tuesday, May 15, 2012

after residency

A few days ago, my husband was talking with a friend who has been out of residency for just under a year now.  They were discussing all of the details of life.  He told my husband what his paycheck was last month.  It was just a bit under the amount my husband brought home last year. (Literally - I pulled out our taxes we filed for 2011 because I could not believe it.) 

Doesn't that seem... just... wrong...?

From my vantage point right now, it sure does.

Maybe that explains in a small way why residents are able to survive residency. (shudder)  I mean, what a motivator, huh?


Kendra H said...
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From A Doctors Wife said...

i have often thought it would be nice if they could spread the spoils out a little more equitably over the years of training and practicing. On this side of the fence it doesn't seem fair (we are in the want phase), but I am sure once on the other side (the have phase) it will be easier to believe the the struggle, sacrifice, and doing without was worth it. What a perfect example of delayed gratification. If you work hard, do without much, and endure, the prize at the end is always worth the wait! I hope our first paychecks will be more than our previous years salary:-)

Renewed Upon a Dream said...

Woah really? I didn't think they earned that much!? (My husband is in residency for peds currently). What kind of doctor was this?

sabrina said...

one of the most-anxiously-waited-for mysteries of my life is to see if you guys will live below your means the first few years after residency so you can pay down a bunch of your debt. adam says it's no mystery - hope you prove him wrong! ;)

Jamie Lamb said...

wait, wait...hold the phone...we get a prize at the end of all this?! why did no one tell me this?

Liz said...

I totally agree!


We will prove Adam wrong.

Yes, there is a prize - but, not the end of it all... you know what I mean?

Meghann said...

Well, this is certainly good news for me, since my husband is Anesthesia. LOL. Hopefully we can experience this...SOMEDAY.