Sunday, July 15, 2012

sustained by a dream

Recently I decided to start a business venture, something that has removed me completely from my comfort zone.  It has been an overwhelming week as I have researched and tried to make it a reality.  One night during the week, when things were particularly stressful, I had a dream:

In the middle of the night someone was knocking on my door and calling my name.  I woke up - it was my mom.  I ran downstairs to answer the door and found my mom standing there, and behind her all of my sisters and sister-in-law, my mom's sisters and sister-in-laws and a bunch of my girl cousins.  It was just what I needed.  I cried and laughed.  They all came inside and said, "Okay, what do you need us to do to help you start your business?"

I woke up strengthened, and amazed by my connection to the women in my immediate and extended family, and also by my desire and need for their support and love.

It was amazing to experience.

Right now I don't live near any of my sisters, girl cousins, or aunts.  I grew up surrounded by them, they were my best friends, people that made me want to be better, people that made me laugh and feel wonderful.  I miss them dearly, every day, although I particularly need them when I am experiencing uncertainty, sadness or stress.

I think there is a reason that women are designed to need each other.  I think we are very good at strengthening, loving, and supporting each other.  I could not have survived medical school and residency without the relationships I had with other students' and residents' wives, friendships that have truly buoyed me up over the years.  And, of course, I could not have made it a single day without the support of the women in my family - whether in person, via phone conversations, or in my dreams - apparently.

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From A Doctors Wife said...

Congratulations on your new business venture. Getting out of our comfort zone may by the only sure way to grow and test our character. Best of luck!