Monday, February 11, 2013


My husband and I attended BYU.  I wasn't aware that these conversations had started... I am relieved that they have. 

I hope it continues to get better.


Matilda said...

These young women and men are so beautiful and so brave. There is not just one way - the right way - to truly believe in God and serve him. We should not judge these people, but let God judge them, and he doesn`t condemn them, that`s for sure. And a church has it`s principles, and that`s alright; but a church should exist for the people, and not the other way round. I do hope so much it will get better.

Jen said...

I saw this a few months ago and was so touched by it. Around the same time Jeff told me about a symposium BYU sponsored with 3 or 4gay/lesbian students that was sponsered by BYU that he said was incredibly touching and well done. So happy with the church's outreach to Gay/Lesbian community. Thanks for sharing, I too hope it continues to get better :)