Sunday, August 4, 2013

tests... tests... tests...

Okay, studying for the MCAT, medical school exams, residency practice exams, etc. have all been stressful... well, okay, sometimes it has totally been the pits.  But I had no idea how stressful studying for The Boards at the end of residency would be.

Weeks before my husband was scheduled to take his board exams, I left town with my four kids... straight to my parents house for a few weeks to let my husband study full time.  I know he appreciates having fewer distractions.  (I also enjoy being separated from the stress.)  But it is hard to listen to him from afar, to not be there with him, encouraging him, feeding him, comforting him, etc. during such a stressful time.

I sure hope we don't have to repeat this experience again next summer.  Though, I guess he'll have to take additional boards after his year of fellowship... my goodness! 

I guess it never ends in the medical field - they have to maintain their board certification status by passing boards every ten years, I believe. 


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From A Doctors Wife said...

Written boards last year, oral boards this year... it never seems to end. Best of luck to him, and you:-)