Friday, March 12, 2010


The internal medicine rotations really throw off any sense of a routine a family may have.

The interns only get four days off each month, (which comes out to less than one day off each week!), and usually they do not find out what day it will be until up to a day or two beforehand. During their day off, the interns are often trying to catch up on sleep because of the one or two 30-hour shifts they have had during the week, so the day off is usually merely a day to catch up on sleep and prepare for another grueling week.

Each week our family is so excited for my husband to have a day off. We all expect him to be all ours! It is stressful for him, I'm sure, as during these months he truly does need a day of rest and catch-up.

Conversely, when my husband suddenly has a day off, we feel like we need to cancel everything (which is often difficult to do) so that we can spend time with him.

So, the rare days off for my husband come and go. And even if we are able to plan something fun as a family, it still feels like we've been short-changed, and so we immediately start thinking about and planning for what we can do during his next day off, even though we don't know quite when it will be.

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Anonymous said...

Ah the joys of intern year! Out of curiosity I was looking at his pay stub the other day and noticed he had like 50 some odd sick days, I told Dave about all of these hours and he laughed and said "sick days, yeah right!" Sad but true. There have been many days were Dave has gone to the hospital not feeling well at all, you would think that since they are doctors and work in a hospital with really sick patients that they wouldn't want them to be there and it really stinks. Sometimes i wish I could trade him, not that being a mom is easy, but just to give him a change of scenery and a minute to breathe. I'm so proud of all of them, they work so hard. This may be a little random, but my mom raised 8 kids while my dad was in med school, residency, etc and she told me before he went to med school just to plan on doing everything by yourself and if he is around to help that it is a bonus. When he is around it makes it that much more special and I am so much more appreciative of him and the time we actually get to spend together.