Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm gone

I am delving - again - into that realm of being immersed in an alternative universe.  Not only is my brain screaming for a rest from all of my commitments and obligations, but my husband has a week off from work and we are traveling - again - to the desert.

I cannot say, 'I can't wait,' because I am already diving head first into my realm of relaxation.

Not only does the knowledge of my husband having time off from work allow me to totally forget all of my obligations, but my husband's household contributions seem to push me even further away.  My husband made dinner last night.  He did the dishes after dinner tonight.  He entertained the kids at various times during the day.
Gone with the Wind
I feel like I can easily disappear.

Meanwhile, he has caught me at least three times sitting on the couch, immersed in my chosen novel for this relaxing week: Gone with the Wind.

I think I chose well.  It easily and completely sweeps me away each time I pick it up.


Maddie's mom said...

Hope you are blissfully unaware that your neighbors are missing you right now. :D -Jen

Katie Tyler said...

oh, it sounds wonderful! enjoy the desert and the sun! and enjoy the book! I just watched the movie a few weeks ago and loved every minute- I need to read the book!