Sunday, January 1, 2012

my First turkey

Today, for the first time ever, I cooked a turkey. Yes, I am 34-years old and I have somehow avoided it for this long! It was only a little tiny bit traumatic for me. And that was only because my 4-year old son was following me around the kitchen, asking me multiple questions, like how the turkey got here, why it looked the way it did, and wanting me to identify various body parts for him. I am so grateful my husband was here to carve it afterwards. It was delicious. I am putting a link here to the website that I used as a reference for cooking the turkey, so that I can easily find it again.  It is a simple, down to earth website that I felt gave me some wonderful advice: How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey.

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amanda nay said...

Wow, Liz, that's great! I have yet to ever cook a turkey! (on my mission we did bake a whole little chicken for Thanksgiving but that's the closest I've gotten!) You are brave, good job.