Tuesday, March 27, 2012

does anxiety affect our inner drive?

I found this article interesting.  Here is a highlight:

"According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders now affect 18 percent of the adult population of the United States, or about 40 million people. By comparison, mood disorders — depression and bipolar illness, primarily — affect 9.5 percent. That makes anxiety the most common psychiatric complaint by a wide margin, and one for which we are increasingly well-medicated. Last spring, the drug research firm IMS Health released its annual report on pharmaceutical use in the United States. The anti-anxiety drug alprazolam — better known by its brand name, Xanax — was the top psychiatric drug on the list, clocking in at 46.3 million prescriptions in 2010."

We have been worrying about E, our oldest, because of physical manifestations possibly due to anxiety.  It is worrisome, from a parent's perspective, especially as I ponder the question of whether it is due to environment or nature.  During residency, sometimes I feel so powerless to change our - or rather his - environment.  His dad is gone, a lot.  His friends are all very involved in after-school activities, so E is also.  His mom is borderline Type A, and his sister (closest in age of his siblings) is also.  I often think it is a miracle that he gets out of bed in the morning.

But then at other times, I am completely amazed by his drive and self-assurance.  Yesterday I offered to be the assistant coach for my daughter's soccer team.  A few minutes after chatting with the coach I hurried away to rush my 2-year old to the port-a-potty at the other end of the park.  My son (he told me later) then approached the coach and asked if he could be the "3rd coach" and also help with the team.  He said she told him, yes.

I often wonder what makes us "tick" - what motivates my children, and how I can help them be motivated to do good, to make good choices that will bring them happiness.

I wonder if it has nothing to do with me.... and maybe it shouldn't...?

Or, maybe anxiety has absolutely nothing to do with drive and confidence.  Maybe I just went on a huge tangent...

Isn't it fun to be a parent?

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed everyday as I watch you parent our children! The kids adore you and I find you absolutely amazing! Thanks for all you do for all of us. I love you!!! JT