Tuesday, August 28, 2012

just youtube...

This is an amazing and beautiful video. 


Love the music, the cinematography, the message. 

I heard Alex Boye sing in church a few months ago.  It was incredible.

And I so want to travel there.

And this video, oh my goodness, I love these.  It is amazing to listen to The Piano Guys, but to watch how they create their music... it is beyond impressive.


I met one of them once and watched him play the piano.  It was truly amazing to observe how he used the piano and every part of his arms and feet to play - and in an amazing way!

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From A Doctors Wife said...

I love the Piano guys - they make me wish I had taken my lessons more seriously! I have never heard Alex Boye before - but what isn't to love about an uplifting song. Thank you for sharing:-)